Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I haven't posted on here in a long, long time. We moved in June to a new city in Alaska. It is my hometown and I love it! I am glad we moved here! The winter here has been fairly mild compared to what we were used to in our last town. I have been really busy with our new life in the bigger city. The girls have adjusted fairly well to going to public school for the first time. Our youngest daughter recently made honor roll and they are making new friends. I have been taking college classes, it is something I really wanted to do again. I got an A in my last class which was an English class and I am now taking an Art class which I really enjoy. I will have to post more pictures next time. We went to Hawaii in December for Christmas vacation. It was our first trip there but it will not be our last. It was Kaylee, Isabella and my first Christmas out of Alaska. The weather was nice but I do love Alaska better. I will post back soon with more recent news and some new arty creations soon. Aloha!